Short term care insurance state approvals listing posted

State approvals map short-term care insuranceA comprehensive listing of short-term care insurance state approvals has been published by the National Advisory Center for Short-Term Care Information.  Click the link to access the listing:  Short Term Care State Approvals

“Consumers need to learn more about this valuable form of protection which is now approved in a significant number of states,” explains Jesse Slome, director of the Advisory Center.

Short-term care insurance is a very viable planning option for the large number of seniors who want to undertake some long-term care planning but for who cost, health or age is an issue, according to the organization. “These policies can provide the long-term care benefits that many want such as home care services, benefits for those who need a skilled nursing home care,” Slome notes. “But some provide a significant benefit for seniors who are taking multiple prescription drugs.”

According to Slome, as interest and awareness has grown, explaining what states currently approve these products was increasingly important. “We obviously see value in this protection as do consumers,” Slome notes. “We’d welcome more state approvals in 2019 so that consumers in some key states such as New York, California and Florida could have access to the protection.”

The short-term care insurance state approvals directory can be accessed via the organization’s website at Click Here To Access State Approvals Listing

Consumers interested in learning more can also visit the organization’s website. While the Advisory Center does not sell insurance products, they can connect interested consumers with knowledgeable professionals who can compare the various products available in specific states, quote prices and explain benefits.