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What is Short-Term Care Insurance Protection?

How Can It Benefit You & Your Loved Ones?

Short Term Care (STC) insurance, sometimes called ‘Recovery Care’ protection, addresses significant financial risks facing individuals today.   The National Advisory Center for Short Term Care Information was created to share information that can help you discover how short-term care insurance works and how it can benefit you and those you care about.

“Today, short-term care is a great alternative for long-term care insurance planning when cost, age or health is an issue.”
Jesse Slome

National Advisory Center for Short-Term Care Information


Short-term care insurance policies offer benefits for many different types of health care and aging needs.   They generally are purchased by older individuals (ages 50 to 89) to cover gaps in Medicare coverage or as an alternative to traditional long-term care insurance protection.

Just as the name implies, short-term care insurance policies are designed to provide benefits for just a few days or for up to 360 days.

Short-term care insurance policies can vary in terms of what they cover as well as coverage limits.  But, in general, these policies will cover:

Home Health Care – YES
Assisted Living Facility Costs – YES
Skilled Nursing Home Stays – YES
Adult Day Care/Hospice Care – YES

Some plans will pay for home health care aides, general and skilled nursing care and may even offer prescription drug benefits and other options.

This is the most comprehensive website providing generic information regarding short-term care insurance policies and protection.

Selecting the best company, policy and benefits can be challenging — especially if you don’t know everything that’s available.  We can simplify this process and help you compare your options.

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