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Short-Term Care Insurance Savings

If you are 69 years old, you can pay as little as $170-a-year for a short-term care that provides some home health care benefits.  You can pay as much as $3,000-a-year.

“You can be accepted for short-term care insurance even if you were declined for long-term care insurance. A STC specialist will know which companies are most likely to approve your application for coverage.”
Jesse Slome

National Advisory Center for Short-Term Care Information

There are many reasons for the significant difference.   But, the primary reason is the benefits you are eligible for should you need care.  And, while price is important when you buy … the benefits you are eligible for are most important when you need care.

There are roughly 10-to-12 insurance companies currently offering short-term care insurance policies in the United States.   Each offers different policies and each sets their own pricing.  There can also be significant differences depending on what state you live in.

Some companies offer discounts when two or more people living in the same household apply for coverage.

One company will offer a discount to a small group or business.



The National Advisory Center for Short-Term Care Information strongly believes in “Education First – Prices Second”.  We stress that with all insurance agents working with us to serve consumers.

The best way to get the best short-term care insurance costs and protection is to work with a knowledgeable insurance agent who can educate you about policy provisions and benefits.    Then, they can better find a plan of protection that meets your needs and available budget.


You have a 30-day “Right to Examine” benefit.  Simply explained, you have 30 days after you receive the policy to examine it and return it to the insurance company or the agent if you are dissatisfied for a full refund of the premium you paid.

LEARN MORE ABOUT SHORT-TERM CARE INSURANCE PROTECTION:   If you would like to learn more about short-term care insurance savings available, call us or request a no-obligation free short-term care insurance cost comparison from a designated Center specialist.