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If You've Been Declined For Long-Term Care Insurance

To purchase a long-term care insurance policy individuals must meet health standards as well as height and weight criteria.   Many people who take the time to apply for long-term care protection are declined because of existing health conditions or medications taken.

“You can be accepted for short-term care insurance even if you were declined for long-term care insurance. A STC specialist will know which companies are most likely to approve your application for coverage.”
Jesse Slome

National Advisory Center for Short-Term Care Information

If you were declined for long-term care insurance for health or cognitive reasons, short-term care insurance may be an option available to you.

If you (or someone you know) has existing health issues … or some cognitive issues … they definitely should consider short-term care insurance.


It is generally easier to meet the health requirements for short-term care insurance protection.  In fact, some applications consist of  as few as four (4) “YES – NO” health questions.  No medical records may be required.  No cognitive interview may be conducted.


Nearly half (44%) of the seniors over age 70 who took the time to submit an application for long-term care insurance were declined by the insurance company.

By comparison, some short-term care insurance companies report accepting 98 percent of applicants.   Some insurers will accept applicants up to age 89.

2014 Percentage of Applicants Declined for Long-Term Care Insurance

Ages 60-69     25%
Ages 70-79     44%

Source: 2015 LTC Sourcebook, American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance

2015 Percentage of Applicants Declined for Short-0Term Care Insurance

Ages 61-70     8%
Ages 71-80     14%
Over Age 80   15%

Source: 2016 Industry Study, National Advisory Center for Short-Term Care Information

While short-term care insurance plans offer more limited benefits, consider the following; first, some 41 percent of all long-term care insurance claims are 1 year or less.   And, if you ever need care, having some coverage in place gives you added choices and options.  That year of benefits will give you time to put a loner-term plan in place.

LEARN MORE ABOUT SHORT-TERM CARE INSURANCE PROTECTION:   If you or someone you know has been declined for  long-term care insurance and the agent never suggested a short-term care insurance option, call us or request a no-obligation free short-term care insurance cost comparison from a designated Center specialist.